Graded Motor Imagery Handbook - 2019 Update

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The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook

David Butler, Lorimer Moseley & Tim Beames

ISBN: 978-0-9872467-5-2

Product Type: Print book

Deeper understanding of Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) and evolution of the Recognise online software into the more accessible Recognise App called for an update to this publication. The text has had a thorough refresh, the references have been expanded and Chapter 5 completely rewritten with detailed instructions for the use of the full GMI tool kit. 

GMI offers a novel three stage synaptic exercise process for neuropathic pain involving left/right discrimination, imagined movements and mirror therapy. With patience, persistence and often lots of hard work, GMI gives new hope for treatment outcomes.

David Butler shows how curiosity and learning are critical allies in the search for why you or your patients hurt and he encourages a deep knowledge of the therapy and science behind GMI for the best outcomes.

Lorimer Moseley shares his researcher’s inquisitiveness about the science behind GMI and the neuromatrix: the representation of body parts in our brains and how and why these representations may be affected by injury. GMI aims to alter pain ‘neurotags’ or sensitive networks in the brain. Graded motor imagery is a treatment in its infancy. How do we know if it is appropriate to use? How do we know what’s normal?

Tim Beames invites us on a clinical reasoning exploration through patient-therapist narratives, providing invaluable insights into the progression from left/right discrimination, imagined movements to use of mirrors.

Graded motor imagery resources
Evidence based document for graded motor imagery 

Authors: Prof G. Lorimer Moseley, Dr David S. Butler, Timothy B. Beames
ISBN: 978-0-9872467-5-2
Format: Canadian half wire-bound, 136 pp. including illustrations and diagrams.

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