Recognise[TM] Flash Cards

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Even simple exercises may cause pain if your brain can't recognise whether you are using your left or right side. Recognise™ is the first way to accurately measure the ability to recognise left and right body parts and movements, and to train your left/right discrimination as part of a comprehensive graded motor imagery (GMI) rehabilitation programme. GMI is a sequence of strategies including laterality restoration, motor imagery and mirror therapy. Flash cards are an important tool in the management and rehabilitation of left/right discrimination (laterality) problems.

The Flash Card set consists of 24 left and 24 matching right images on sturdy plasticoated card, a non-permanent marker for writing on the reverse side of the cards and an instruction sheet with a reference list and suggestions of games to 'retrain as you play'.

These cards may be used on their own, but are best used with Recognise™ Online. The online resource has a large library of hand, foot, neck, shoulder, back and knee images and has tools for tracking and evaluating progress.

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