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  • Begrijp de Pijn - Tweede editie (ISBN 9780987246790)
    Begrijp de Pijn - Tweede editie (ISBN 9780987246790)

    Elke pijn is echt en voor veel mensen is het een slopend deel van hun leven. Beter begrijpen waarom dingen zeer doen kan iemand helpen zijn pijn te begrijpen. Zodat ze door kunnen gaan met hun dagelijkse leven. Recente inzichten…

    € 50,00
  • Explain Pain (second edition)
    Explain Pain (second edition)

    EXPLAIN PAIN SECOND EDITIONDavid S. Butler & G. Lorimer MoseleyISBN: 978-0-9873426-6-9Product Type: Print bookFor: Clinicians, people in pain and their families

    All pain is real, and for many people it is a debilitating part of…

    € 50,00
  • Expliquer la Douleur (ISBN: 978-0-6480227-4-9)
    Expliquer la Douleur (ISBN: 978-0-6480227-4-9)

    Traduction officielle du livre Explain Pain rédigé par David Butler et Lorimer Moseley pour le Noigroup. Marie Bacelon a mené le projet de traduction en français durant plusieurs mois pour affiner le niveau d’exigence…

    € 50,00
  • Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt (Pre-order)
    Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt (Pre-order)

    What can illusions teach us about pain? Is what we see, hear, and feel as simple as it appears to be? The modern science of perception has unearthed new ways to think about pain – as a multi-sensory and multi-factorial phenomenon.

    € 32,50
  • Explain Pain Supercharged
    Explain Pain Supercharged

    Explain Pain Supercharged, (ISBN 9780648022701) from Lorimer Moseley and David Butler, is full of brand new content and will Supercharge your Explain Pain interventions in two essential ways:

    Over the years, you’ve asked for…

    € 100,00
  • Explain Pain Handbook - Protectometer
    Explain Pain Handbook - Protectometer

    THE EXPLAIN PAIN HANDBOOK: PROTECTOMETERG. Lorimer Moseley & David S. ButlerISBN: 978-0-9750910-9-8Product Type: Print bookHandbook story on video

    For: People experiencing pain

    The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is a key…

    € 27,50
  • -8%

    Explain Pain SUPER SET
    Explain Pain SUPER SET

    Met deze set van boeken ben je direct (bijna) compleet. Iedere uitgave heeft zijn eigen informatie, aanvullend, verdiepend of zoals Painful Yarns juist metaforisch.

    Explain Pain Supercharged: Engels

    Explain Pain Handbook:…

    € 200,00 € 185,00
  • -12%

    Praktijk Posterset (EP set + Sara Bella clinic print)
    Praktijk Posterset (EP set + Sara Bella clinic print)

    Posterset - 4x Explain Pain, 1 x clinic poster.

    € 85,00 € 75,00
  • Sarah Bella poster
    Sarah Bella poster

    Poster Specifications

    ∙ High quality print
    ∙ 42 x 70cm (16.5” X 27.5”
    ∙ Plasticoated both sides

    € 17,50
  • Painful Yarns
    Painful Yarns

    This much anticipated collection of stories, written by clinical neuroscientist and co-author of Explain Pain, Dr GL Moseley, provides an entertaining and informative way to understand modern pain biology. Described by critics as…

    € 22,50
  • Sarah Bella Clinic Print
    Sarah Bella Clinic Print

    Sarah-Bella Clinic Print
    We know that understanding pain helps people to hurt less, and you can now supercharge your Explain Pain interventions using our Sarah-Bella Clinic Print to provide evidence based, multimedia therapeutic…

    € 50,00
  • Graded Motor Imagery Handbook (2019 Update)
    Graded Motor Imagery Handbook (2019 Update)

    THE GRADED MOTOR IMAGERY HANDBOOKDavid Butler, Lorimer Moseley & Tim BeamesISBN: 978-0-9872467-5-2Product Type: Print bookIt’s back on the shelves!Deeper understanding of Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) and evolution of the Recognise…

    € 40,00
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