Explain Pain - Second edition

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Explain Pain Second Edition

David S. Butler & G. Lorimer Moseley

ISBN: 978-0-9873426-6-9

Product Type: Print book

For: Clinicians, people in pain and their families

All pain is real, and for many people it is a debilitating part of everyday life. However, it is now known that the more we understand pain, the less we will hurt.

Modern neurophysiology, brain imaging, immunology, psychology, pain sciences and thousands of peoples’ pain stories now provide a revolutionary and new way to treat pain. The Explain Pain Second Edition, in easy to follow language, discusses how pain experiences are constructed in response to dangers and threats in our bodies and influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and context. This knowledge is the key to recovery.

With the advances in pain sciences, Lorimer and David have subtly changed some of the language and content so that the second edition can be delivered with increased confidence. Explain Pain Second Edition is extensively referenced and links to the Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer.

Noigroup Publications (2013), 133 pages, 90+ illustrations and diagrams, half-canadian wiro bound.

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