Explain Pain Applications (Adelaide - AUS) - 6 December 2019

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Explain Pain Applications is a brand new, one day course for anyone who has ever tried to Explain Pain.

Location: 19 North Street, Adelaide.  Take this rare opportunity to soak up the unique atmosphere of NOI HQ and see where all the magic happens!

In a small workshop setting, we will establish an environment of reflection and learning where your experiences, successes and failures drive the discussion. Explain Pain Applications will allow you to reflect in a professional and supportive environment on what actually happened after you started explaining pain – both from your perspective and from that of the people you are Explaining Pain to.

Explain Pain Applications will provide you with new ideas, improve your EP delivery skills, enhance your ability to critically appraise your delivery and explore the emerging theories from learning and cognitive sciences. We will take a closer look at metaphors commonly used when Explaining Pain, their strengths and limitations, and how to adapt and adjust your language to maximise your outcomes.

You will have an opportunity to practice creating and presenting Explain Pain narratives and receive feedback from professional peers on style and content – challenging? Absolutely! But this will be a next level course aimed at those already well versed and experienced in Explaining Pain.

Explain Pain Applications will also present numerous interactive case studies (ours and yours) in various formats to provide further opportunity to practice developing, implementing, and assessing Explain Pain interventions.


In order to attend Explain Pain Applications, you will need to have attended an Explain Pain course somewhere in the world in the past and had at least 3 months of experience in delivering pain education in a clinical setting.

This will be a highly interactive workshop – no wallflowers! Come along ready to discuss, and to challenge and be challenged as you engage in deeper conceptual change.

The course is open to health professionals who meet the criteria above.


By the end of this course participants will have:

  1. Reflected on their experiences in delivering Explain Pain interventions and shared their experiences with professional peers in an open environment of support and learning
  2. Critically examined common metaphors used in Explaining Pain and workshopped strategies to adapt their language to improve outcomes
  3. Constructed and delivered brief Explain Pain interventions to peers and received constructive feedback
  4. Critically appraise various case studies, and construct and discuss biopsychosocial intervention plans.
  5. Developed Explain Pain strategies across a wide range of clinical scenarios
  6. Improved their ability to achieve enhanced clinical outcomes through confident application of Explain Pain
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