Explain Pain Supercharged (ISBN 9780648022701)

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Explain Pain Supercharged,  (ISBN 9780648022701) from Lorimer Moseley and David Butler, is full of brand new content and will Supercharge your Explain Pain interventions in two essential ways:

  1. Over the years, you’ve asked for it, and we’ve delivered – we’ve gone deep on the neuroimmune biology of pain with comprehensive sections detailing the latest from pain science research and its application to the clinic
  2. For the first time, educational science, conceptual change theory, metaphor use and curriculum development has been brought together specifically for health professionals delivering Explain Pain. 71 Neuroscience Nuggets, 15 Novellas and 4 comprehensive, targeted Explain Pain curricula have been provided, along with the framework to implement them into any treatment program


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